North Carolina FC Academy / NC Courage Academy

2018 Girls DA Program Trial Information

On behalf of the NC Courage Girls' Development Academy we would like to announce, the trials process and evaluations and selections that will be used to form the GDA Program team rosters for the 2018-2019 season.

Starting this spring we will no longer be holding selection trials as we have in the past. Instead we will be inviting players into our training environment over the course of selected dates that work with the players schedule. During these trainings it will allow our GDA Staff to evaluate selected players within the GDA environment around players who are currently in the program.   

We feel that as a program the new format allows for a more concise selection process that will evaluate players who program directors feel warrant that opportunity. 

Selection process:

- directors discuss players who warrant an invite based on the upcoming GDA birth years. 

- GDA offers dates for players to select that fit their schedule and will allow them to attend GDA trainings

- once trainings are selected, players will then attend and train along side GDA players so that GDA Staff can evaluate in the environment they potentially would be in if selected next year. 

- this new process allows the staff to solely focus on the players who are up for a spot in next year's program

- players currently in GDA program will be evaluated for the 2018-19 season based on their performance over the course of the 2017-18 season

- there is no better way to see how a players performs then actually have them in the environment they would possibly be in the following year. 

team selections will be announced no later than April 10, 2018

Note: Any player from outside the club should contact our GDA director, Sean Nahas, if they are interested in being evaluated. At the time of request our staff will then follow up with the references required by each player to speak about the level of the player in question. 

We are very excited about this process and look forward to holding our trial process over the course of the next 4 weeks and look forward to having the players selected for evaluation in the training environment of our current GDA program. 


Please contact Girls Academy Director Sean Nahas at [email protected] with any questions.